The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
金玉滿堂 The Chinese Feast
金燕子 Golden Swallow
金榜題名 To Be No. 1
金枝玉葉2 Who's the Woman, Who's the Man
金枝玉葉 He's a Woman, She's a Man
金手指 The Informer
金山大少 The Chair
金三角鴉片軍閥揭秘 Warlords of the Golden Triangle
野花香 Scent of Wild Flowers
重金屬 Satin Steel
重案組 Crime Story
重案實錄O記 Organized Crime & Triad Bureau
重慶森林 Chung King Express
醒目仔蠱惑招 The Incredible Kung-Fu Master
醉生夢死之灣仔之虎 The Tragic Fantasy - "Tiger of Wanchai"
醉拳II Drunken Master II
醉拳 III Drunken Master III
醉拳 Drunken Master
鄰家有女初長成 The Girl Next Door
鄉下佬遊埠續集 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City, Part Two
鄉下佬遊埠第三集 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City, Part Three
鄉下佬遊埠 The Country Bumpkin Tours the City
鄉下佬探親家 The Country Bumpkin Visits His In-laws
鄉下佬尋仔 The Country Bumpkin Searches for His Son
都市獵人 Missing Man
都市情緣 Love and the City
郎歸晚 My Love Comes Too Late
郎心如鐵 The Ways of Love
郎心如鐵 Remains of a Woman
郁達夫傳奇 Cherry Blossom
邪鬥邪 Hex vs Witchcraft
邪牌愛差人 Prostitute Loves Police
邪完再邪 Hex After Hex
邪 Hex
那有一天不想你 Remember M, Remember E
那個少女不多情之脫的疑惑 Youthful Romance
邊防血淚 Blood and Tears at the Border
邊緣歲月 A Killer's Blues
邊緣人 Man on the Brink
邊城浪子 A Warrior's Tragedy
達摩祖師 Master of Zen
過埠新娘 Paper Marriage
運財至叻星 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
運財童子 Beginner's Luck
運財五福星 How to Meet the Lucky Stars
連體 The Siamese Twins
連環大鬭法 Crazy Nuts
連城訣 A Deadly Secret
通天老虎 The Master Strikes
通天大盜 Easy Money