The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍鳳智多星 The Intellectual Trio
龍虎砵蘭街 Street of Fury
龍在天涯 Dragon Fight
點指賊賊 Imaginary Suspects
黑獄斷腸歌之砌生豬肉 Chinese Midnight Express
麻雀飛龍 Mahjong Dragon
鬼馬雙星 Games Gamblers Play
飛虎精英之人間有情 The Best of the Best
飛狐外傳 The Sword of Many Lovers
飛女正傳 It's Now or Never
青春差館 Young Cops
雷霆掃穴 Red Shield
陰陽路二之我在你左右 Troublesome Night 2
金瓶風月 The Golden Lotus "Love and Desire"
重金屬 Satin Steel
醉拳 Drunken Master
運財童子 Beginner's Luck
退休探長 Gun is Law
賭王 King of Gambler
賊王 Twist
記得香蕉成熟時 Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday
蜜桃成熟時1997 The Fruit is Swelling
英雄正傳 True Colours
聊齋花弄月 Liu Jai Home for the Intimate Ghosts
老豆唔怕多 Daddy, Father and Papa
老婆, 妳好嘢! The Other Half
笑太極 Drunken Tai Ji
童黨之街頭霸王 Gangs '92
福星闖江湖 Return of The Lucky Stars
神探父子兵 In the Blood
皇家師姐之中間人 Middle Man
發達秘笈 How to Be a Millionaire
男與女 Hong Kong Hong Kong
猛鬼出籠 Possessed
滾滾紅塵 Red Dust
海根 Sea Root
洗黑錢 Tiger Cage II
求戀期 Cause We Are So Young
水滸傳之英雄本色 All Men are Brothers - Blood of the Leopard
殭屍至尊 The Ultimate Vampire
歡樂時光 Happy Hour
歌舞昇平 The Musical Singer
暴雨驕陽 The True Hero
星際鈍胎 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
新天龍八部之天山童姥 The Dragon Chronicles the Maidens of Heavenly Mountains
摩登仙履奇緣 Girl with the Diamond Slipper
拖錯車 Cop Busters
抱擁朝陽 Up for the Rising Sun
戰龍在野 Invincible
我要金龜婿 Sweet Surrender