The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
龍的傳人 Legend of the Dragon
黑雪 Will of Iron
黑貓 Black Cat
黐線枕邊人 Slickers vs Killers
黃飛鴻 Once upon a Time in China
魔域飛龍 Stone Age Warriors
鬼幹部 Red & Black
驚天12小時 The Last Blood
馬路英雄 Off Track
飛鷹計劃 Armour of God II Operation Condor
非洲和尚 Crazy Safari
雷霆掃穴 Red Shield
雲雨難忘-我為卿狂 Hidden Desire
雞鴨戀 Gigolo & Whore
雙鐲 The Twin Bracelets
雙城故事 Alan & Eric: between Hello and Good
開心鬼5上錯身 Happy Ghost V
金瓶風月 The Golden Lotus "Love and Desire"
逃學威龍 Fight Back to School
追日 A Chinese Legend
跛豪 To Be Number One
越青 The Roar of the Vietnamese
贏錢專家 Money Maker
賭霸 The Top Bet
賭俠II之上海灘賭聖 God of Gamblers Part 3 - Back to Shanghai
財叔之橫掃千軍 The Raid
豪門夜宴 The Banquet
表姐妳玩嘢 The Queen of Gamble
表姐, 妳好嘢!續集 Her Fatal Ways II
表哥我來也! Mainland Dundee
衝擊天子門生 Hong Kong Godfather
衛斯理之霸王卸甲 Bury Me High
藍色霹靂火 Blue Lightning
莎莎嘉嘉站起來 Sisters of the World Unite
英倫越戰 Phantom War
與龍共舞 Dance with the Dragon
至尊無上II之永霸天下 Casino Raiders II
聊齋花弄月 Liu Jai Home for the Intimate Ghosts
聊齋艷譚續集五通神 Erotic Ghost Story II
老豆唔怕多 Daddy, Father and Papa
老表, 你好嘢! His Fatal Way
縱橫四海 Once a Thief
紅粉至尊 Queen's High
神探馬如龍 Inspector Pink Dragon
着牛仔褲的鍾馗 The Blue Jean Monster
監獄風雲II逃犯 Prison on Fire II
皇家師姐之海狼 Sea Wolves
玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑 Sex and Zen
猛鬼入侵黑社會 My Flying Wife
火爆浪子 Angry Ranger