The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
黑金 Island of Greed
黑玫瑰義結金蘭 Black Rose II
黑獄斷腸歌之砌生豬肉 Chinese Midnight Express
黃飛鴻之西域雄獅 Once upon a Time in China and America
麻雀飛龍 Mahjong Dragon
高度戒備 Full Alert
馬永貞 Hero
香港製造 Made in Hong Kong
飛一般愛情小說 Love is Not a Game, But a Joke
陰陽路二之我在你左右 Troublesome Night 2
陰陽路 Troublesome Night
迷失樂園 Whatever Will Be Will Be
迴轉壽屍 Midnight Zone
超級無敵追女仔 Love
赤足驚魂 The Peeping Tom
豪情蓋天 Theft Under the Sun
豆丁奇遇記 Hong Kong Adventure
誤人子弟 Teaching Sucks
記得香蕉成熟時 III 為妳鍾情 Yesterday You, Yesterday Me III
西廂艷譚 Romance of the West Chamber
衝上九重天 Destination - 9th Heaven
蜜桃成熟時1997 The Fruit is Swelling
蘭桂坊7公主 97' Lan Kwai Fong
至激殺人犯 Mad Stylist
自梳 Intimates
聊齋艷譚之幽媾 Erotic Ghost Story - Perfect Match
精裝難兄難弟 Those Were the Days
算死草 Lawyer Lawyer
神偷諜影 Downtown Torpedoes
猛鬼通宵陪住你 24 Hrs Ghost Story
猛鬼卡拉OK Haunted Karaoke
特種飛虎 S.D.U. '97
熱血最強 Task Force
減肥旅行團 Fitness Tour
求戀期 Cause We Are So Young
檔案X殺人犯 The Hunted Hunter
最後判決 Final Justice
最佳拍檔之醉街拍檔 97' Aces Go Places
春光乍洩 Happy Together
旺角大家姐之冤魂不散 Ghost Story 'Godmother of MongKok'
抱擁朝陽 Up for the Rising Sun
戰狼傳說 Legend of the Wolf
我有我瘋狂 Passionate Nights
我愛廚房 Kitchen
愛情Amoeba Love, Amoeba Style
愛您愛到殺死您 Killing Me Tenderly
愛上百份百英雄 We're No Bad Guys
恐怖雞 Intruder
小倩 A Chinese Ghost Story
對不起, 多謝你 My Dad is a Jerk!