The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
鬼線人 The Ghost Informer
鬼咁過癮 The Ghosts and I
香港奇案之四"廟街皇后" The Criminals 4 - Assault
青春節拍 How are You My Friends
雙龍會 Twin Dragons
鐵血騎警 Road Warriors
賊王 Twist
貓頭鷹 The Legend of the Owl
褲甲天下 King of Stanley Market
草莽英雌 Once a Blacksheep
芝士火腿 Chez N' Ham
終生大事 Once in a Life Time
紅番區 Rumble in the Bronx
笑星撞地球 Sunshine Friends
空心大少爺 Just for Fun
玩火 On Fire
爛頭何 Dirty Ho
正月十五之一生一世 The Third Full Moon
朝花夕拾 Life is A Moment
暴雨驕陽 The True Hero
昨夜長風 Tears and Triumph
旺角揸fit人 Once Upon a Time in Triad Society
摩登衙門 Oh! My Cops!
搶閘媽咪 The Meaning of Life
插翅難飛 The Convict Killer
提防小手 Carry On Pickpocket
拖錯車 Cop Busters
我愛唐人街 What a Small World
慾燄濃情 Brief Encounter
愛在黑社會的日子 Love Among the Triad
情人知己 Two of a Kind
廣東五虎之鐵拳無敵孫中山 The Tigers - The Legend of Canton
廉政第一擊 First Shot
小狐仙 Unforgettable Fantasy
契媽唔易做 To Catch a Thief
四級殺人狂 Passion Unbounded
再見王老五 The Bachelor's Swan Song
兩廂情願 The Killer's Love
倚天屠龍記大結局 Heaven Sword and Dragon sabre 2
倚天屠龍記 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
佳人有約 The Perfect Match
何必有我? Why Me?
Friend過打Band Funny Boys
92應召女郎 Call Girl 92