The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
錦繡前程 Long and Winding Road
錫晒你 Our Darling Coach
錯愛 Crossings
錯有錯著 Two Wrongs Make a Right
錯體人 My Mind, Your Body
錯體追擊組合 Fox Hunter
錯點鴛鴦 Love with the Perfect Stranger
鐵板燒 Teppanyaki
鐵甲無敵瑪利亞 I Love Maria
鐵胆 The Fearless
鐵膽雄風 Live Hard
鐵血騎警 Road Warriors
鐵面無私包公審烏盆 The Impartial and Incorruptible Judge Pao
長短腳之戀 Fractured Follies
長輩 My Young Auntie
開心三響炮 Funny Triple
開心勿語 Trouble Couples
開心巨無霸 Mr. Sunshine
開心快活人 Happy Go Lucky
開心樂園 The Isle of Fantasy
開心鬼 The Happy Ghost
開心鬼5上錯身 Happy Ghost V
開心鬼撞鬼 Happy Ghost III
開心鬼放暑假 Happy Ghost II
開心鬼救開心鬼 Happy Ghost IV
關公月下釋貂蟬 Kwan-Ti, God of War
阮氏三雄 Three Heroes
阮玲玉 Center Stage
阿二一族 Second to None
阿修羅 Saga of the Phoenix
阿德晒命 Doug's Choice
阿燦有難 Prohibited Area
阿燦正傳 The Story of a Refugee
阿燦當差 The Sweet and Sour Cops
阿福與土佬 The Luckiest Trio
阿福被鬼迷 The Lucky Bumpkin
阿超結婚 Ah Chiu is Getting Married
阿郎的故事 All about Ah-Long
阿金 Ah Kam
阿飛正傳 Days of Being Wild
阿龍的故事 The Story of Long
陰忌 Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave
陰陽路 Troublesome Night
陰陽路之升棺發財 Troublesome Night 3
陰陽路二之我在你左右 Troublesome Night 2
陰陽錯 Esprit D'amour
陷阱邊沿 Edge of Darkness
隻手遮天 Absolute Monarch