The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
雙城故事 Alan & Eric: between Hello and Good
雙槍沙膽標 The Brave Gun Fighter
雙肥臨門 Double Fattiness
雙鐲 The Twin Bracelets
雙雄鬥智 Two Heroic Rivals
雙鳳旗 (上集) Banner of the Twin Phoenixes, Part One
雙鳳旗 (下集) Banner of the Twin Phoenixes, Concluding Episode
雙龍出海 The Return of Pom Pom
雙龍吐珠 Pom Pom Strikes Back
雙龍會 Twin Dragons
雜家小子 Knockabout
雞同鴨講 Chicken and Duck Talk
雞鴨戀 Gigolo & Whore
難兄難弟 It Takes Two
難兄難弟 My Intimate Partners
雪兒 Cherie
雪在燒 Burning Snow
雪花神劍 The Mighty Snow Sword, Part One
雲雨難忘-我為卿狂 Hidden Desire
雷雨 Thunderstorm
雷雨 Thunderstorm
雷霆掃穴 Red Shield
電影故事 The Story of Movie
電梯情殺案 The Elevator Murder Case
霍元甲 Legend of a Fighter
霓虹光管高高掛之女子公寓 How Deep is Your Love
霧都情仇 Misty
霸王女福星 Operation Pink Squad
霸王妖姬 The Warlord and the Beauty
霸王花 The Inspector Wears Skirts
霹靂先鋒 Final Justice
霹靂十傑 Disciples of the 36th Chamber
霹靂大喇叭 Where's Officer Tuba
霹靂火 Thunderbolt
霹靂薔薇 The Thundering Red Rose, Part One
靈幻先生 Mr. Vampire Part III
靈幻小姐 Lady Vampire
靈氣迫人 The Occupant
青提子 Unripe Grape
青春1000日 The Pure and the Evil
青春差館 Young Cops
青春怒潮 Grow Up in Anger
青春火花 Victory
青春節拍 How are You My Friends
青樓十二房 Ancient Chinese Whorehouse
青蓮青年 Teenage Trap
青蛇 Green Snake
青蛙王子 Prince Charming
青蜂俠 The Green Hornet