The Golden Age in Hong Kong Cinema (1970-1997)

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Film Title 影片名稱 首映日期 First Released Search Results
一觸即發 Touch and Go
中國最後一個太監<第二章>告別紫禁城 The Twilight of the Forbidden City
于占元師父出馬 The Old Master
俏皮女學生 Happy Sixteen
偶然 Last Song in Paris
偷偷愛你 Blind Romance
先生貴姓 And Now, What's Your Name?
八彩林亞珍 Plain Jane to the Rescue
六指琴魔 Deadful Melody
再起風雲 The Last Duel
凶榜 The Imp
凶貓 Evil Cat
千王 Great Pretenders
卒仔抽車 Rolls, Rolls, I Love You
吸我一個吻 The Romance of the Vampires
哥哥的情人 Three Summers
唐朝豪放女 An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty
嘩鬼住正隔籬 My Neighbours are Phantoms!
噴火女郎 She Starts the Fire
四月四日 Tamagotchi
城寨出來者 Brothers from the Walled City
城市特警 The Big Heat
多情種 My Little Sentimental Friend
夜半3點鐘 03:00AM
夜魔先生 The Nocturnal Demon
大話神探 Fumbling Cops
天才與白痴 The Last Message
天羅地網 Gunmen
太太的情人 My Wife's Lover
奇異旅程之真心愛生命 What a Wonderful World
奇緣 Nepal Affair
奪舍 Walk in
家在香港 Home at Hong Kong
屍家重地 Mortuary Blues
平安夜 The Night Caller
快樂的小雞 Chicken A La Queen
悍匪 King of Robbery
惡男 Goodbye My Love
慈雲山十三太保 Those Were the Days...
我愛太空人 The Other 1/2 & the Other 1/2
摩登土佬 Disco Bumpkins
摩登天師 To Hell with the Devil
撞板風流 Naughty Couple
新男歡女愛 The Modern Love
旺角揸fit人 Once Upon a Time in Triad Society
朋黨 Against All
歌者戀歌 The Story Behind the Concert
正月十五之一生一世 The Third Full Moon
殺入愛情街 Crimson Street
浮世風情繪 Yu Pui Tsuen