The Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema 1949-1969

Cantonese Cinema Digital Archive 粵語電影資料庫

The “Missing Period in Cantonese Cinema” is a digital archive project dedicated to the collection and categorisation of primary sources on Cantonese-language films, including film titles, production details, genre description, advertisement, newspaper reports and film reviews. Funded by a General Research Grant (GRF) of the Research Grant Council, the present collection presents a bilingual searchable database that covers the period 1949 – 1960. During the process of data-mining, the research team has discovered over 300 film titles that are either not listed on existing databases, or in scattered fragments that need verification and consolidation. Copies of these films may no longer exist, but the discovery of evidence of their theatrical release will contribute toward a more complete filmography of Cantonese cinema.

These “missing titles” are based on extensive data-mining undertaken by the research team since 2016. Brief summaries of the content of film advertisements, announcements, and film reviews are also included where practicable to shed light on how films and film genres were described and promoted in publicity materials. These are original findings that will contribute to future research on the Cantonese film culture at the time, and how films were branded by film companies and received by their contemporary audience and film critics.

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